Call of Duty Montage Reel by Jon Stoll

All of the shots are made using Motion Capture. 

After working at Treyarch with a lot of talented people for 8 years these are some of the big moments that I was able to work on. Most of the scenes are much longer but I cut them to try to get the others in. Most of the scenes were not directed by me but some were. I was responsible for Motion Capture clean up, (clipping issues, Hands,weapons and Facial) and all of the vehicle animation along with working with the team and problem solving and implementing the animation in the level. 

I was NOT responsible for the facial in the marked with the annotations on in the top left corner of the video. I also am not responsible for the first person weapon animation that is shown when the player is not engaged in the cinematic moment. Everything else I was responsible for.

A big thanks to all of the actors and stunt men and the Call of Duty Teams,Treyarch and all of the fans of Call of Duty. 

If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask.

The Music is from Han Zimmer, Man of Steel