Irvine, CA

(310) 741-7654


Professional and passionate animator with 13 years of experience. Animating is where I get my kicks in life, whether it be hand key character animation, motion capture,  or 2D vector graphics. I enjoy bringing things to life. I take my job seriously and myself lightly. I am huge proponent of continuing education.  I want to make the highest of quality work and I am always trying to learn from others and dissect how projects are accomplished to add to my own arsenal.  I thrive on story and character development and relish in the story and design process regardless of the medium. In my free time I enjoy doing various art projects and short films. 


  • Acting and Character Animation
  • Motion Graphics and Design
  • Motion Capture
  • Staging and composition camera work
  • Layout and animatics
  • 3D Modeling, rigging and light texturing 
  • Software

Motionbuilder, Maya, C4D, After Effects, 3D Element, Photoshop, AI, 3D Coat, Adobe Suite, Vray, Syntheyes, Bouju


Martin Brinkerhoff and Associates
September 2014 - Current 3D Generalist, Compositing, Motion Graphics Design, 3D Animator

Primary Clients are Disney and Honda and Hyundai
The Disney projects are mostly projection based shows Globally including World of Color, Fantasmic, and Night time Castle and Main Street shows and many more. 

Honda and Hyundai are largely Dealer meetings with various projection and LED screens and are mostly 3D motion graphics.   


  • Animation from concept to Modeling to rigging to finished 3d animation including texturing lighting and Effects to rendering and compositing.  
  • Particle simulation and Effects 
  • Hand key animations not captured.
  • Contribute to any design ideas involved in the project
  • Some 2D Character animation

The Asylum Films
May 2013 - September 2014 Trailer Titles/ Motion Graphics/ Animation

Treyarch (Activision/Blizzard)
July 2005-2013 Animator/ Cinematics

Santa Monica, CA


Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, Call of Duty 3, Spiderman 3,

Call of Duty World at War

Call of Duty Black Opps 1 and 2, Call of Duty MW3 


  • All animation for in-game cut scenes and vignettes.
  • Clean captured data and work with scripter to implement it in game.
  • Hand key animations not captured.
  • Contribute to any design ideas involved in the game.
  • Create documentation concerning work flow and implementation.
  • Test and give feedback to team about all aspects of the game


Aug 1998- June 2000  Pikes Peak Community College
Colorado Springs
Architectural Drawing and Communication Arts

Aug 2004-June 2005  Academy of Art College University
San Francisco, CA
Classical animation with an emphasis on computer animation

Sept 2011- March 2014 Online
Hand Key, 3D Character Animation Program Graduate